The new lifestyle brand from Mike Hager

the world’s first Bored Beer

Top it off with a cool blonde: Ten Bored Apes minted and not a single one sold so far - there's probably not a second time like that in the world. And that's why Mike Hager is internationally regarded as a legend in NFT and especially in Bored Ape Holder circles. Mike Hager is the man with the 10 Apes. Especially as he also owns three CryptoPunks.
First a crazy idea, now serious: the first "Bored Beer" will soon be launched under the 10APES brand. And not in the beverage market in "Hinterdupfing", no, 10APES will be available worldwide in the future.

"Shipping our beer from Munich to Asia is obviously not sustainable. We are therefore currently negotiating with breweries all over the world who will brew and distribute the "Bored Beer" according to our recipe in their respective countries - in cans or bottles, depending on the regional situation," explains Mike Hager. "I'm an original Bavarian. And beer is just as much a part of Bavaria as the mountains, pretzels and lederhosen," laughs Mike.

He enlisted the help of a long-time friend who has a worldwide reputation as a master brewer. And because the NFT sector is also about collecting, his canned beer comes in ten different and very funny Ape designs ("Don't drink me" - a quote from the Otherdeed trailer). Cheers to boredness!

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