The new lifestyle brand from Mike Hager

the world’s first Bored Beer

Make it a long, cool blond: an international legend, Mike Hager from Munich, Germany, minted ten Bored Apes and still has them in his collection – now you can too, because Mike Hager, the man with the 10 Apes (and 3 CryptoPunks), has turned his passion for NFTs into liquid gold. The first “Bored Beer” will soon be launched under his 10APES brand, and it won’t just be for Germans to enjoy. “Transporting our beer from Munich to Asia is not a very environmentally friendly solution,” says Mike. “So, that's why we’re currently negotiating with breweries around the world who can brew and distribute our “Bored Beer” according to our patented recipe in a variety of countries – in cans or bottles, depending on regional proclivities.” “You know, I'm a Bavarian through and through. And beer is as much a part of Bavaria as the mountains, the pretzels and, of course, lederhosen,” Mike laughs, opening up one of the first Bored Beers ever. He has enlisted the support of a longtime friend with a reputation as a master brewer around the globe. And because NFTs are all about the collecting, his canned beer will come in ten different and funny

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