World Premiere

The NFT Magazine by Mike Hager

Mediadata 2023

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Tips & Tricks, News, Stars

What’s in this Magazine

What are NFTs exactly?

What are NFTs exactly? You’ll get the answer to this question in this magazine! And why are so many celebrities investing in NFTs – how do they do it?

The secret Language of the NFT scene

The most common abbreviations in the NFT world. Understand and use them correctly to become an absolute insider.

The most important Influencers

The most important NFT influencers that you absolutely must follow!

Celebrity Projects

Find out what NFT projects the biggest celebrities in the world are backing and why.

3 Steps to Your First NFT

Expert tips from Mike Hager. Learn why some NFTs are on the rise and why some are falling.

Shopping for Profit

When is the right time to buy an NFT? You’ll find this out in this article.

60 Pages of Insider Know How – for Beginners and Advanced

The world's first

A real-life success story

Mike Hager

USA Today bestselling author Mike Hager is one of the world’s leading and most recognized experts on NFTs.

His YouTube channel is a must for people in German-speaking countries who want to achieve financial independence by successfully navigating the world of NFTs, DeFi and cryptocurrencies.

The “NFT Guru,” as he is often dubbed, has made it his business to bring NFTs into the mainstream so people everywhere can reap the rewards, because he’s convinced:

NFTs are the future, everything is going to become an NFT.

And for those who missed out on the Bitcoin phenomena, NFTs are here with a new opportunity to be part of something very big, to get in at a very early stage and profit from this megatrend.

NFT Magazine by Mike Hager is the world’s first print magazine dedicated exclusively to NFTs. The first issue in November 2022 had an initial print run of 20,000 copies. Since then, all holders of the magazine NFT automatically receive the quarterly issues as a utility after they have registered online and identified themselves as a magazine NFT holder with their wallet.

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