Who is Mike?

SPIEGEL bestselling author Mike Hager is one of the world's leading and most recognised experts on NFTs.

His YouTube channel is the main point of contact for people in german-speaking countries who want to achieve financial freedom with the help of NFTs, Defi and cryptocurrencies.

In his mentoring programme "The Future of Finance", he shows his members how they can build a profitable portfolio of NFTs + cryptocurrencies and thus finally do what they really love. Many of them have already achieved this.

The "NFT Pope", as he is now often called, has made it his mission to bring the subject of NFTs closer to a large number of people, because he is convinced of it:

NFTs are the future, everything will be an NFT.

And those who missed out on Bitcoin back then will actually get another opportunity with NFTs to be part of something very big very early on and to profit from this megatrend.

*Note: This is the fine print. I think it's very cool that you're reading this. Usually there are some hooks or funny legal stories hidden here. I can reassure you, with me everything is serious and actually the small print is not necessary. But because I know that there are people who like to read it, like you, I have typed something in here. I hope I could make you happy with it, it's nice that you are here! :-)